New Music: Carah Faye – Change in the Water

  • New Music: Carah Faye - Change in the Water

Carah Faye – previously well known in her role as the majestic frontwoman of Shiny Toy Guns – has been making major waves with her solo career, including her most recent single, Change in the Water.

Opening with a solitary, almost lonesome percussive beat that hits you like a precordial thump, it catches the ear with purpose, preparing the way for Carah Faye’s rich yet raw vocals. With each breath there’s the feeling that she’s lived every word of the lyrics, such is the conviction and charisma that pours forth. If she hasn’t then that’s a testament to both her vocal and song writing skills.

The arrangement is a beguiling blend of RNB and alt.pop tones, but with a rock twist, evoking thoughts of summer sun, bright and clean but with shadows always lurking nearby.

Change in the Water is another highlight from a very strong EP (which you can stream here), which also features Gold Plated and Fine. I would say it bodes well for her upcoming album but Carah Faye has proved time and again that she has the chops to make intelligent and accessible pop and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Change in the Water is out now on iTunes and all major digital stores. For more information, catch up with Carah Faye on Twitter and Facebook.

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