Featuring on her current ICON EP, GLUE from COBRAH is a delicious and decadent slice of aural electro titillation that’ll get the juices flowing. Intrigued? Hit play and be prepared to have your eyes and ears lovingly teased and abused.

With its echoes of artists like GFOTY and Donatchi, the song undermines and perverts pop with unrestrained glee. It’s full of meaty, glitchy hooks, and sugar sweet vocals, but they’re put together in way that’s dissonant, dangerous but ultimately delightful. Tight, shiny and demanding your submission to its will, the song is the soundtrack to the BDSM fantasies you never knew you had.

GLUE and the ICON EP are now out on Spotify and all major streaming services – you can find out more here. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her strong visual presence and to hear more about her refreshing take on modern life.