Stockholm post-kraut duo Domus release new album Lucid Dreaming which promises to be an inventive and enjoyable experience, judging by new track Canada. It features vocals from fellow Swede Ljung who we covered on the blog back in December

Existing in a sonically sweet spot between post-punk and Krautrock, the song was a hypnotic and hushed quality to it, like watching waves crash on the almost-deserted beach, but not hearing the water break. That eerie, mournful tone is amplified by the stately vocals of Ljung: a world-weary keening for an unspecified, existential loss. As haunting as it is beautiful, its cinematic tones are sure to entrance the listener.

Canada is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all good digital platforms including Spotify. Why not give Domus a follow over on Facebook or Instagram to keep up on news about the song, upcoming album, and much more?

Photo by Kim Wijk