New Music: Dreaming of Islands – Dunes

  • New Music: Dreaming of Islands - Dunes

Malmo’s Dreaming of Islands impressed us with their electronic take on a post-rock sound, highlighted perfectly with the track Dunes – have a listen and see what you think?

It pulsates with emotion, dark and mysterious in turn. As if taking inspiration from dunes themselves, the track flies high and then swoops low, as epic, shoegaze inflected guitars give way to the more delicate electronica and bruised vocals – only for the track to quickly ascend to the heights once again.

The lyrics carry on with the metaphor, as they reveal emotional turmoil and revelation in reference the uneasy mix of turbulence and serenity at the point where the sand meets the sea.

There’s beauty and pain on display, and the marriage of both makes for something special indeed.

You can check out more of the band’s music on Spotify.

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