Icelandic duo East of My Youth (Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir and Herdís Stefánsdóttir) have been creating sublime electronica since forming in May 2015, something that continues with seeming ease on the quietly rousing By Blue.

The genre fusion on the track lends it a wonderful sense of majesty and melancholy. Hints of Molly Nilsson and Lana Del Rey dance exotically together in both the vocals and the arrangement. Nordic reserve and Southern passion take it in turns to lead the listener astray, leaving you unsure of whether to control your emotions or let them run wild and free. Quite a feat for a three and a half minute song!

The duo had this to say about the song: “By Blue started as a jam session in the studio, so we didn’t release it’s potential at the time and packed it safely into a drawer of forgotten things. When we revisited the song, the whole meaning came through in a new and interesting way. We were going through changes in life and our project, so the song went through a metamorphosis and became something new and unknown to us.”

By Blue is out now via West Of My Future Ltd – to find out more about the song and the band, head over to the duo’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more details.

Photo credit: Magnus Andersen.