New Music: Eliza Hull – Rewind

  • New Music: Eliza Hull - Rewind

Eliza Hull’s previous work has seen her music get featured on shows like Awkward, Teen Wolf and Saving Hope – on hearing Rewind you’ll understand why her intimate lyrics and soundscapes are in such demand.

The perfect scene setting for dramatic moments, Rewind carries itself along like an old friend, warm and gentle as it reflects on past events and loves, as the arrangement epitomises the classic 80s teen soundtrack moment, but with an emotional heft and maturity far beyond the normal teenage multiplex fodder.

With echoes of Kate Bush and Eva Cassidy in her vocal delivery and a deft way of conjuring up complex emotions with just a few words, it all creates a beautifully restrained atmosphere that serves to heighten the emotional impact of the song.

Hull had this to say about her upcoming EP and Rewind in particular: “How We Disappeared focuses on ever- transitioning relationships, familiar challenges that come with growing up, including leaving elements of yourself in the past. Rewind is a nostalgic, moody song, reminiscing on old memories from the past. The song comments on how suddenly, a person you loved can become a stranger.”

Rewind is out now and will also feature on Eliza Hull’s forthcoming How We Disappeared EP which is due out October 26th through Gaga Digi.

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