We last caught up with Denmark’s Ellis May when we covered Waterlillies from her The Distance EP. She makes a return to the blog with the equally enchanting and haunting ESC, which you can listen to below.

Ellis May’s vocals on ESC have a rich, otherworldly quality to them, almost spectral in their clarity and purity. In combination with the icy, always evolving nature of the synths and melody, the song feels like it distils hidden pain and distance, though oddly beckoning the listener ever closer. If you like the estrangement of Fever Ray and the more primal electro moments of Crystal Castles, here’s a song that captures those two, very disparate sounds with ease.

She says about the song, “ESC is about treating heartbreak through escapism – the thing that makes us better for the briefest time ultimately destroys us.”

You can listen to ESC on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Head over to her Facebook and Instagram accounts for more listening options, as well as news about upcoming releases from Ellis May.