New Music: Equateur – Neon Eyes

  • New Music: Equateur - Neon Eyes

Equateur is the Paris- based electro pop project of Charles Rocher. Inspired by retro synths and a desire to make modern electronica, he works to fuse the two strands in to a seamless and smooth sound, something he does with considerable ease on new track Neon Eyes. Check out the Josh Hassin directed video below.

With an electronic ambiance that looks fondly to the past, Neon Eyes still feels very much of the present. Layered and luxurious, arpeggios fly past like shooting stars in the night sky, with the emotive vocals and lyrics adding a human air to the song’s electronic heart.

That’s combined with a fresh, modern production and hints of M83 and Kavinsky in the arrangement to create the sensation of physical detachment and emotional closeness colliding to create barely hidden emotional turmoil.

Neon Eyes is streaming now on Spotify and features on the Burn The Sun album which was released on May 25th.

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