New Music: E^ST – Life Goes On

Australian teenager E^st has dropped her first single of 2017 and it’s a real winner. Life Goes On features her enchanting vocals for sure, but whilst her rich and emotive voice is the real star of the song, it’s given a great platform in the form of a track that massages your soul with its mellow vibe and gently euphoric piano line.

Life Goes On came to life during a writing stint with friend and producer Jim Elliot – and that seductive piano riff was part of the inspiration for the track.  “As soon as he played that piano line I knew what I wanted to write about” says E^ST. “It’s something very personal to me, about ghosts that aren’t physically with you anymore but still leave an impression.

It’s admitting to missing someone but accepting that you have to let go of people sometimes.” If you like what you’ve heard, you can find out more about streaming or purchasing Life Goes On here.

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