Faunaphor’s Louis Weeks and Noah Berman have been making critically acclaimed and award-winning music for the last 6 years. Performing under the name Louis Weeks, their last two records have earned them mentions on NPR, The Washington Post, and the title of ‘Best Local Release’ from the Washington City Paper two years in a row. in a library, in the summer (when I read I fall asleep) is their first release as Faunaphor which is their new minimalist art-pop project and it’s also the first single from their debut record And There I Was.

The band say in a library, in the summer (when I read I fall asleep) is a song about language, its limits and our relationship to a world that’s larger than ourselves. Faunaphor’s unique mix of colourful harmonic language, complex arrangements, and striking lyrics really grabbed the listeners attention.

The duo says that It’s an album ‘about dreams, about the conversations we have with ourselves and the larger world, and the moments when language fails us’.  The single has really whetted our appetite for the album, that’s for sure. As well as streaming on Soundcloud, the track is available for download on Bandcamp.