New Music: Felt & Fur – The Drug Years

  • New Music: Felt & Fur - The Drug Years

Texas based trio FELT & FUR (Alizsha Pennington, Jarrod Estes and Randall Minick) intrigued us instantly with their track The Drug Years – a rolling synth number that invites comparisons with Crystal Castles but has far more emotion and warmth about it.

The track has a feel of early Human League from when Oakey and company were at their experimental and coldly electronic best, but here Pennington’s vocals are a great counterpoint to the almost motorik qualities on the music.

If you love Kite, ‘ll probably love The Drug Years and FELT & FUR’s musical output in general.  The track is the lead single from the band’s upcoming 5-track EP ‘Aftertouch’ to be released April 14th  via Heavy Baby Records.

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