Forever Overhead are a Brighton based quartet whose previous releases have drawn comparisons to Aphex Twin, Grizzly Bear, and TV on the Radio. Impressive plaudits but once you listen to Oh you’ll know why.

The soft synths of the intro soon give way to more muscular percussion and quietly devastating vocals. There’s an experimental edge to the arrangement, with the guitar heading almost into prog territory at times. What I pick up most from the track is the peculiar but pleasing way it takes such light musical tones and fuses them with an anthemic indie twist.

Adding to the matter-of-fact brilliance of Oh, echoes of the understated, complex guitar pop of Liverpool’s Lotus Eaters ebb and flow through that track, a layer of happy heartache amidst what is already a sublime tune.

Oh can also be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp. The band are planning to release more singles as 2019 progresses and are lining up gigs in the UK, including one in London on June 13th. Head over to their Facebook page for more details.