Hotly tipped Brighton quartet FUR (Murray, Josh, Tav, and Flynn) really caught our attention with their most recent track, Grow Up. Have a listen below to discover why we liked it so much.

Produced by The Coral’s James Skelly, the song shares some of that band’s knack for a winning melody and a snappy vocal line. Sure, it magpies its way through decades of classic British pop and rock, but it does so in a fresh and winning manner, bringing summer to you with every note.

Frontman and FUR guitarist Murray has the following to say about Grow Up: “It’s actually quite an old song for us, we’ve come a long way in terms of songwriting, but sometimes there’s a few songs that were maybe ahead of their time, it took a few arrangements over the last two or three years to get to this version of Grow Up, and it feels good to finally have it there for people to hear. The song is about not wanting to grow up and the worries of not enjoying later adult life, it seems fitting to have sat on it for a few years until we have matured.”

You can also listen to Grow Up on Spotify. More listening options can be found on FUR’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials, where you can also find up to date news about their 2021 headline tour.

Photo by Julia Nala