Some collaborations seem preordained when you hear them, but that doesn’t stop the combination of Britain’s Futurecop! (from our home town in fact) and Canada’s Parallels on We Belong being a luscious, joyous affair.

An aura of fun and positivity pervades every second of the song, as Holly Dodson’s vocals are polished to perfection, highlighting her similarities to peak Madonna at her feisty feminist best or Robyn’s sweet but assertive pop perfection. But there’s no voice quite like Dodson’s. that’s for sure.

I feel like I’m doing an infomercial, but I’ve got to say, that’s not all. Futurecop! has released probably one of the musical highlights of his career so far. Bright and bubbly but not brash, the arrangement and melody are neon candy bright, but still seductively substantial as they pulsate with pure, punchy power.

It’s a song that’ll have you doing star jumps on the street, such is its ability to get under the skin, then working its way into your dancing feet.

We Belong is out now via NewRetroWave and can be streamed on Spotify. Futurecop! Is playing the Outland Sunset Neon Cruise this Summer – keep an eye on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out more.

There’s a rather cool video featuring footage from India – you can watch it here.