New Music: Gena Perala – Good Girl

Vancouver’s Gena Perala cites Beyoncé and Sonic Youth as artists she likes, and on new visual single Good Girl you can see how she fuses such disparate-sounding acts into her own unique musical style. Check out the video, which has shades of John Everett Millais, below.

You could describe Good Girl as punk and pop, though it’s a world away from pop-punk. The arrangement and melody make for something that is catchy and accessible, but the lyrics and vocal performance are something different in their subtle blend of anger and gentleness.

Fierce, uncompromising and at times bleak, the song doesn’t pull any punches; even as the lyrics take a dark turn, Perala turns the words into a memorable if tough chorus twinned at times with a more softly brooding break in the arrangement. It’s a song that delivers a message in a personal not polemical fashion, which makes the message twice as strong.

The track is out now, you can stream it on Spotfiy, as well as Bandcamp and iTunes. Perala will be releasing a series of singles and more throughout 2018 in collaboration with Chris Gestrin who co-produced Good Girl.

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