This is the fourth visit to the blog for California’s Glass Spells, after last featuring with Mirrors in October last year. This time round, the trio are back with a cracking, glitchy video for the song Mirrors.

The trio, (Anthony Ramirez, Tania Costello, and Michael Buehl) excel in reimagining 80s electro and synthpop; balancing bright pop sounds with more reflective, dark sounds and very intelligent lyrics. Most of all, Mirrors is great to dance to, with a chorus that manages to be both insightful and catchy. Costello’s vocals are part Blondie, part Holly Dodson, treading the dividing line between pop and rock with ease.

The band plays Disco Goth Night in San Diego on the 3rd of April. Mirrors is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or downloaded on Bandcamp. Head over to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram socials for more information on how to listen to the song, and catch the band perform live.