New Music: Information Society – Nothing Prevails

  • New Music: Information Society - Nothing Prevails

Tommy Boy and Information Society are musical legends and pioneers in their own rights, so when the two join up again, something special is going to happen – in this case it’s the track Nothing Prevails – check it out below.

Coming thirty years after their debut album, it shows the band (InSoc to their fans) have lost none of their creativity, urgency or sense of what is right and wrong as they take issue with what they regard as ‘a society dominated by possession and instant-gratification’.

Showing respect for their long musical heritage there’s some hints of early electro and New Wave in the mix, though shades of darkwave and EBM are shot through the track like icy streaks of dark energy. Nothing Prevails shows the band to be as fresh and vital as ever.

The single can be streamed on Spotify as well as other outlets and there’s new music on the way, you can keep up to date with that and more on the band’s official website.

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