Based in Utrecht in The Netherlands, Inu Inu created a delightful, soothing hybrid of dreampop and synthpop on new track Running. It’s the fourth and last single from their forthcoming EP, and you can listen to it on Spotify right here.

With vocals that feel a perfect fit for a Gothic metal extravaganza, the song instead takes a more human, intimate route to take the listener on a sweeping, emotional journey. Post-punk and shoegaze are to the forefront genre-wise, and with an ethereal quality worthy of Cocteau Twins at their best, the song is sure to leave you dazed but not confused.

The English/Dutch quartet had this to say about Running: “It is centered around the insecurities and uncertainties which mire each of our futures. This inner monologue spirals between the past, present, and future of a relationship – from the certainty of the beginning until the hardship of deciding to let each other go. This is never a decision to be made lightly, as it clearly affects us greatly.”

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