Josa Barck has partnered with the producer Brian Batz (Sleep Party People, Trentemøller, Oh Land) once again, this time for his new single, the unusually-titled Twentytwenty(1).

The Danish artist has a sound that is easy to listen to but hard to categorise. It’s bright, a bit quirky, and owes something to the past without being overshadowed by it. It’s indie-electro Beck meets Ween sound feels reminiscent of 80s power pop, but for me, the lyrics have that visual quality you get from Peter Gabriel at his most eloquent.

Barck says about the track, “It seems that there is a sound of a decade that has opened itself to me. Once everyone had this sort of ironic distance to the music from the late 70’ies and the 80’ies – shoulder pads, corny synthesizers and stuff. To me, It is an aesthetic that I have been culturally blind towards – and there seems to be an underlying sense of apocalypse beneath it all, with the Cold War, the fear of nuclear disasters and whatnot – it all serves as an incredibly strong counterpart to the often very polished music. I find that very relatable to the world of today.”

Twentytwenty(1) can also be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud. Head over to Josa Barck’s socials, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to keep up to date with the artist and news about upcoming releases. Twentytwenty(1) is the second of three singles from Barck’s forthcoming album which will be jointly released in the spring 2021 by Tangleville Records of Denmark, and Hamburg-based Popup Records.