New Music: JUNODEF – Heights

  • New Music: JUNODEF - Heights

With its sparse-sounding yet emotive arrangement, mournful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Heights by JUNODEF takes the listener on a real musical and emotional journey. Have a listen to find out more.

The London-based, Swedish quartet encapsulate a real sense of melodic melancholy in the song, but one wrapped in love and longing, the vocals sounding like an angel’s heart breaking in two as the rhythm section and reverberating lead guitar effortlessly reinforce the maxim that less can sometimes be more.

If you’re ready to be heartbroken, with its mix of pain, remembered pleasure and anger this is the song for you.

Heights is out now, and can also be streamed on Spotify and iTunes –  check out the band’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for information the single, upcoming gigs and more.

Photo by Gianluca La Bruna

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