Swedish duo Kite are well known in Scandinavia and North America for their distinctive sound and inventive live audio-visual experiences. You can get a flavour of why on Bowie ’95, which sees them team up with Benjamin John Powers AKA Blanck Mass.

Kite have always gone for quality over quantity, with only a slim volume of work released over the last decade or so. But on Bowie ’95, that approach pays dividends. Having said that, they’re also a hard band to critique, so unique is their sound. Suffice to say that the song is Kite at their best – awash with emotion, heartrending at times, deeply personal in tone, yet universal in its message. I’m a big fan of Kite, as you can probably guess, and Bowie ’95 will join songs like Dance Again and True Colours as one of their career highlights.

The band says this about the track, “The lyrics address both the feeling of guilt of not being more part of making the real world much better, but also the acceptance that music and escapism have an important role to play in people’s lives.”

You can pick up limited edition vinyl versions of the single, which also features the song Teenage Bliss, via Bengans. Catch up with the band out over on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news about the band and upcoming live performances.