Even The Good Boys Are Bad is the third single from Locate S,1 (the solo project of Christina Schneider), and comes out in the leadup to their Personalia album. Feisty, feminist, and a lot of fun, check out the video below to find out what we liked about the song and video.

It’s a rollercoaster of a song, but one with a message. A glorious collision of styles – 70s punk, 80s Britpop, and dark synthpop to name three – come together with considerable style and wit. The diversity of influences shares a similar spiky energy, which gives them a sparkling sense of cohesion and charm.  Schneider’s vocals are the cherry on top: full of attitude, full of life, but also with the confidence to carry off a song that’s imparting a very resonant and timely message.

Schneider says the song references a conversation had with her partner Kevin Barnes (of Montreal), about his daughter beginning to date. Schneider coined the phrase “even the good boys are bad” in reference to his paternal anxiety. Hence the video playing on “fuck boy” culture on dating apps and other forms of social media.

Schneider adds, “I worry sometimes we are too distracted by our need to sort the good people from the bad people. Of course, everyone thinks they’re the good guy, so they can do no wrong. The natural conclusion of thinking you can do no wrong is hurting someone. Blind to your own power and privilege, you don’t even realize when you’re wielding it.  Maybe the best way to get good is to first acknowledge how bad you can really be. Boys, you go first!”

Even The Good Boys Are Bad is out now via Captured Tracks and will also feature on the upcoming Personalia LP; follow this link for details on how to pre-order and pre-save the album. To find out more about Locate S,1, check out their social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.