Texas-based Wyatt Parkins of Saint Marie Records, Joshua Garman of Florida’s Crash City Saints, and Germany-based vocalist / songwriter Dorian Electrique were the initial founders of electro-rockers Loveblind. Now a quintet, they produce moody, magnificent tracks like War Planets.

It’ll feature on the upcoming Sleeping Visions album and is a brooding, dark monster of a song. Existing in similar musical territory to acts like IAMX, Placebo, and My Bloody Valentine, War Planets stakes out a unique place of its between genres, genders and scenes. The vocals, arrangement, and lyrics burst forth with a beguiling mix of atmosphere and emotion that really needs to savoured and appreciated like a fine wine.

Sleeping Visions, which the band says ‘aims to interpret dreams with as much lucidity as our waking states,’ is released in vinyl, CD, and digital formats on 27th March via Saint Marie Records and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. You can catch up with Loveblind over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as keeping out to date with news about the upcoming album.

Loveblind is Neil Burkdoll (guitar, drums, synths), Dorian Electrique (vocals, lyrics), Joshua Garman (guitar, drums, synths), Wyatt Parkins (guitar, drums, synths), and Mikel Wegener (bass, drums).