New Music: Lyves – Certain Things (feat. Jalen Santoy)

  • New Music: Lyves - Certain Things (feat. Jalen Santoy)

Sometimes you hear a voice – like with  Lyves – that just carries you away, so much so that it can actually be difficult to write about it – and when it’s combined with a song like Certain Things … well just listen for yourself.

One thing that shines through in every note and every nuance here is the rich and soulful texture of Francesca Bergami’s vocals. They share a musical DNA with singers like Anita Baker and Gladys Knight, but infused with a chilled, almost blissful quality that neither of them possessed.

At times Certain Things feels as much a piece of sublime piece of engineering as it does a slice of perfect soul music.

Each element feels finely tune, perfectly balanced, with Jalen Santoy’s smooth and sensual rap adding another layer of class and sophistication. Polished to perfection, it deserves to be widely heard and loved.

Certain Things is out now, can also be streamed on Spotify and other major digital services. Lyves will be playing London’s Sebright Arms on 4th October – you can find out more about that on her Facebook page.

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