The final but certainly not the least track in the running order on her four track EP of the same name, the reflective nature of Ugly & Beautiful by Danish musician Maleen is sure to captivate the listener on the first hearing.

Maleen says the song is ‘the story about overcoming the darkness in your life, not by avoiding it but by meeting it and accepting that it’s there.’ There’s a dark element to the song at times, but it balances that with some lighter tones in the arrangement and vocals as the track progesses, as if reflecting the emotional journey that’s expressed in the lyrics. With its sweeping gothic flourishes, fearsome guitar melody and uplifting denouement, so much of the track’s energy is conveyed through the slowly evolving vocal delivery. Ugly & Beautiful has a suitably literary, if not cinematic energy to it.

Ugly & Beautiful by Maleen is out now and is streaming on Spotify as well as Apple Music. For more details on  how to stream or download the song, head over to her Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts.