Filmed at the increasingly influential Tapetown sessions, run by the recording studio of the same name, Danes Mavourneen make a positive impression with Bliss. It’s no surprise that they’re gaining a lot of label interest for their upcoming album.

I’m a sucker for songs that take inspiration from diverse genres and sounds, but nothing can hit the spot quite as good as this. Post-punk is to the fore, but with a more gauzy, heady feel to it. Think Hawkwind brutalising Silver Machine in Can style and that’s just the intro!

Pounding drums, shredding guitars and a vocal performance with a growl that could summons demons from Hell set the perfect scene for musical damnation or deliverance. It has a blistering, raw sound that seems to attack every bodily organ as well as the senses, but leaves you wanting more. They’ve recently worked with Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and that is a prime indicator that there’s something very special going on here.

Bliss is out now and will also feature on the upcoming album with is due for release in the autumn of 2019. You can find out more about the album and forthcoming live appearances by checking out their Facebook page.