Canadian duo Milk & Bone have followed up their summer single Daydream with yet another chilled slice of emotional electronica, this time in the form of Deception Bay. If the former was all about the heady heights of love, the latter is more about the fallout from when love goes wrong.

The title track of their upcoming album sees Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, balance a storytelling lyric that wouldn’t be out of place on a power balled or 60’s girl group weepie with melodies and vocals that just whip up quite storms of empathy and emotion. If Heart did electronica, it would probably sound like this!

The band says that track tackles the downsides of love, humiliation and revenge – ‘You never said why you went away / We’ll meet again in Deception Bay / You promised you would be here to stay / We’ll meet again in Deception Bay’, going on to add: ‘Deception Bay is that place where you send all your failed relationships, explains the duo. It’s about that love you convinced yourself would work’.

Deception Bay is out now via Bonsound, you can find out more about downloading and streaming the track on this link. The eponymous album will be out February 2018 and the band will be touring North America and Europe following its release.