New Music: MIMRA – Söngur Valkyrjunnar

  • New Music: MIMRA - Söngur Valkyrjunnar

Söngur Valkyrjunnar (Valkyrie Song) is the debut single of Icelandic electro-acoustic folk pop producer and singer MIMRA a.k.a. María Magnúsdóttir. It is a semi-mythic tale sang in Icelandic, whose minimalistic arrangement builds to a poignant climax. It’s as epic as that sounds.

MIMRA’s music is an eclectic sort of electro-acoustic orchestral folk pop, at times hauntingly soft and beautiful, at times rising like a North Sea wave and breaking into powerful rhythms.

Besides her solo project, she is one half of electro-pop duo Early Late Twenties who released their debut EP in April 2015. MIMRA also produces music for film and media, writes for choirs and regularly performs live shows in Iceland, The Netherlands and the UK.

For more music and information, check out MIMRA’s website.

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