Vocalist Ariel Levitan along with Jeremy Dawson (of Shiny Toy Guns fame) are Me and My Shadow (or MXMS for short) had tagged their style as ‘funeralpop’ with its sombre tones and menacing beats ripping themselves open to reveal an even darker, more psychological underbelly. Check out the video for Gravedigger to find out more. Maybe be ever so slightly NSFW!

Lyrically it’s a glorious cultural collision, with references to everything from the Macarena to classic vampire movies via obscure Smiths songs, all spat out with an attitude that mixes anger with a world-weary knowingness.

Brutally nihilistic beats and bass add to the overall atmosphere of a track on the edge of destruction, Ariel’s vocals and the more edgy loops and icicle-sharp synths making you feel like one false move and this song could be your eulogy.

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