London duo New Arcades have teamed up with  synthwave artist NINA (who featured on EN back in June) on the new single Irreparable – which sees the cinematic, vintage synth sound of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan meet NINA’s more brooding vocals to deliver an emotive, electro slow burner.

There’s a real nostalgic rather than retro feel to Irreparable, which pitches the track somewhere between the anthemic rock balladry of Roxette and the more personalised emotional feel of acts liked Empathy Test.

It comes across like a meeting of kindred spirits, the vocals sounding like the duet of soulmates. In fact, there’s a real musical chemistry going on here and I hope we get to hear more collaborations from New Arcades and NINA in the near future!

Irreparable Is out now, you can check out the lyric video for the song on YouTube. As well as Soundcloud, the song is streaming over on Spotify along with more music from New Arcades, and their back catalogue is also on Bandcamp.

The duo play Electrowerks in London next March, find out more on the band’s official website. Oh, be sure to check out more of NINA’s music on Spotify also – you won’t be disappointed!