American duo Nightseason came together via Spotify of all things, when drummer-turned-producer Patrick Zeinali discovered vocalist Jordan Caiola via the platform.

The two quickly started working together via email, which resulted in an EP in quick fashion, from which Strangers is the first single.

As the light guitar melody gently chimes throughout the song, it works as a perfect foil to the textured urban quality to Caiola’s vocals. Warm yet feisty, his voice fizzes with emotion, longing and also pain as Strangers’ subtle mix of alt.rock with a pop sensibility coupled with refined beats and insightful lyrics creates a wistful, and on occasions reflective, mood.

Jordan Caiola had this to say about the song: “Strangers revolves around the concept that two people who could eventually end up in a very intimate, meaningful (or sometimes superficial and fleeting) relationship at some point… ALWAYS start the same way – as strangers.”

Strangers is streaming now via all major digital outlets, you can find out more here as well as on the duo’s official Facebook page.