New Music: Oded – Morning Grace

  • New Music: Oded - Morning Grace

Tel-Aviv based singer-songwriter Oded (Oded Shechter) takes a nakedly honest approach to indie pop on Morning Grace, leaving the listener in no doubt as to his feelings about love and friendship.

Struggling with the need to escape his inner thoughts and to express his love for another, the stark simplicity of the words manages to convey some very abstract and complex feelings, a perfect allegory for the nature of love itself.

The soothing folktronica ambience to the arrangement serves to enhance the searing honesty of the lyrics, making the song hymnal in its confessional veracity. It’s a real love song, and a song about love.

Oded says about the song: ‘We tend to try and change for the person we love. Making efforts to adjust and re-build our inner structures according to their needs – this is where love turns into fear and fear turns into bitterness.’

Morning Grace is out now – check here for information on streaming and downloading the track. It’s available on Spotify and will feature on Oded’s upcoming Kiss The Sun album which is due to be released in February 2019. Keep an eye on his social media, including Facebook, to find out more.

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