Azure Blue is the solo project of Tobias Isaksson, a Swedish musician who takes whimsical indie tones and more robust electronica elements to create a light, engaging sound that is sure to enthral the listener. Listen to Millions Of Stars to find out more.

There’s a brisk, folkish quality to the melody, reinforcing the sensation that the song is a trip back to a more innocent but emotional time for Isaksson and for us. You can hear some early 80s synthpop influences breaking through in the arrangement, but again that folk ambience gives it a more warm and emotive feeling.

Think Yazoo, New Order and shades of his own previous bands Laurel Music and Irene, sprinkled with that wonderful Scandinavian ‘happysad’ lyrical and musical vibe Nordic musicians do so well, Millions Of Stars is a delicious treat.

Millions Of Stars is out now via the perfectly formed Stockholm based record label Hybris. Intrigued by what you heard? You can find out about new music and more from Azure Blue on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo credit: Daniela Gulstrom