With a new album called Wave Your Flags out on 3rd May 2019, Phildel has dropped another track from it to keep us chomping at the bit in anticipation. Check out the wild and wilful Glide Dog below.

Lush strings combine with oppressive if not claustrophobic electronic tones before Phildel’s unique vocals kick in, skewing the track in a more ‘gothic meets trip-hop’ direction.

Entrancing but with more that a hint of danger, the lyrics on Glide Dog  employ some intriguing and oddly erotic imagery to convey the complex emotional interplay that can come with relationships that walk of the dark side of the emotional divide.

The album has been three years and more in the making and on the evidence of Glide Dog, as well as previous singles The Deep and Electric Heights it’s going to be worth the wait.

Phildel says she wrote the song with various past problematic relationships in mind: “When I go into really intense hatred mode, I know that it’s almost a little bit funny.”

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