With an EP on the way, Australian band Prudence (aka Tom Crandles) have dropped an eerie but engaging song as a taster for the release – check out the oddly moving McLean Stephenson directed video below.

The hushed, hazy vocals immediately take hold of the listener’s attention, rather strange really as their laid-back tone should have the opposite effect. It’s laden with hooks, but rather than forcing them on you, they take a more circuitous route, relying on soft repetition and metronomic rhythms to draw you in. Sometimes euphoria can be brought about by elation and over-arousal, but here Prudence take a gentle, lulling approach to achieve the same result.

Euphoria is from Prudence’s Major Tom EP which is out on 10th May via Forged Artifacts. The EP can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp and also comes in limited edition cassette format. Check Prudence out on Twitter and Instagram to find out more.