Razteria – 2 Immortal Eyz (To Immortalize)

  • Razteria - 2 Immortal Eyz (To Immortalize)

San Francisco based producer-artist Razteria​ (aka Renée Asteria) has had her unique sound described as a wild fusion of No Doubt and Bomba Estéreo. She says her multicultural background (Bolivia/Netherlands) also influences her sound and her use of multi-lingual lyrics. 2 Immortal Eyz” (To Immortalize) is her latest release – check it out below.

The track opens with a deceivingly acoustic sound, almost tricking the listener in to expecting a folk song before a softly insistent bassline line and gentle percussion drift by under clever wordplay and vocals which fuses rock urgency with the sweetest soul sounds.

Balancing the electronica are inflections of the African harp (Kora) and Bolivian bass pan flutes which create an almost hypnotic feel to the track at times.

2 Immortal Eyz” (To Immortalize) has an official release date of 20th February and is the first single of a series to be released on the 20th of each month, culminating in 2 EPs, one in English and the other in Spanish. You can check out her extensive back catalogue on Spotify.

Photo by Lee Abel

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