Thief In Your Eye is the second single from Riches; a collaboration between Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy and choreographer Wynn Holmes. As you might expect from that pedigree, this is not your normal indie or even art-rock experience. Listen below.

With a concept inspired by folk horror films, there’s certainly a crisp and agrarian quality to the song. There’s a purity to the vocals and lyrics, but one which is occasionally subverted by the vocal production and an eerie piano loop that changes little throughout. The latter serves to create a suspenseful ambience, a cinematic sensation of unspecified dread, capturing that classic duality of the folk horror genre: behind the idyll lies something else, and you might soon find out.

You can catch up with Riches and get more information on how to listen to or buy Thief In Your Eye over on Instagram, and Twitter. By the by, their Instagram channel is well worth viewing for its ongoing series of innovative and occasionally challenging images and art.