Saavan is Lucas Mokrani and Claire Lengaigne, with each also working outside music. Lucas is a film director under the moniker MESKA, working on music videos for the likes of Odesza, while Claire spends time as a physiotherapist. But they also have a passion for music, as you can tell from Young Minds, which features on the new Observatory EP.

An intoxicating fusion of global influences, the song takes the lightest aromas of European, South American, and downtempo sounds and turns them into an introspective musical and emotional journey. That sense of spirituality is reinforced by the shades of light and dark in the vocals, taking the message of the lyrics to a higher, more esoteric plane.

Saavan had this to say about the inspiration behind the track and EP: “Observatory by virtue is the sentiment of every starting point of each song: it is a moment to stop and take a step back from the real world, allowing us to see the big picture. The guiding thread throughout the album is a bittersweet observation of our way to consider our existence, the urge to stop following, the need to seek for something new in a world distracted from all sides, the hope that a new way to think, and to live, will triumph over our current existence.”

Young Minds and Observatory are out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Amazon. Be sure to check out Saavan over on Facebook or Instagram to find out more about the band, the song, upcoming releases and much more.