New Music: Salford Crime Wave – Lesser

  • New Music: Salford Crime Wave - Lesser

Living in Manchester, I have to say that Salford Crime Wave’s name raised as wry smile, considering our usual experiences of The Other City seem to revolve around being the victims of some crime or other! However, in this case it’s a reference to a Philadelphia based electro duo with a very Anglophile sound as displayed on their track Lesser.

The overall vibe is inspired by the more trippy and dreamy end of the Madchester spectrum, which itself gladly borrowed by many genres like funk and rap. The main difference here is that Lesser focuses more on the sophisticated side on the scene, the silky sounds played by those that went on to be successful DJs rather than the bands that terrorised their dancefloors.

As male and female vocals glide seductively and sing about feelings on languid abandon over a very familiar drum sample, the synths shimmer like a slowly revolving glitter ball giving Lesser an air of high class yet slightly distant hedonism.

Lesser is out now features in the band’s Lesser Free Trade Hall EP (what a blast for the past that name is!) which you can stream on Spotify and Soundcloud. Their official Twitter account is entertaining, informative and well worth a look.

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