Shadow of You completes a hat trick of winning tunes, and sees Satin Jackets reunite with David Harks for yet another prime cut of emotive electronica. The song, which will feature on the upcoming Satin Jackets album Solar Nights, is a sublime slice of Nu Disco, with some hints of Pet Shop Boys in their Bilingual and Nightlife period.

Calm, collected and effortlessly sensual, sweet as honey and as potent as absinthe, it successfully avoids the trap of letting the retro piano and synths lead the way musically. Instead Harks is in full control of events, his blue-eyed soul delivery a masterclass in seduction. But not in the way you think.

Harks had this to say about the track and Tim Bernhardt (AKA Satin Jackets):”It’s always a pleasure to work with Tim and it’s an honour to feature three times on his new record. Where Northern Lights was more about escape, and Through The Night about being with others I wrote this particular song about dancing with your shadow, the darkness in yourself. It’s the part of you, your conscience I guess, that even when you’re on your own, wherever you are, will always be there with you and needs to be acknowledged.”

Shadow of You is out now via Eskimo Recordings, You can find out more about it and Solar Nights by checking out the official Satin jackets social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.