SHY Martin (Sara Hjellström) has worked with artists such as The Chainsmokers, Kygo & Ellie Goulding and Bebe Rexha in recent years, but is deservedly gaining recognition as an artist in her own right with tracks such as Forget to Forget and current single, Out of My Hands.

Her first release this year, it shows that she still retains both the song writing skills that made her such a go-to tunesmith for hire and the vocal dexterity that made her a success in her own right.

The chorus is perfectly constructed and sold to the listener as the emotional peak of an already touching song, the ache in every vocal inflection adding to the quiet drama of the lyrics. The verses heighten the emotion, the understated melody meshes with the trap-pop electro dreaminess of the arrangement: pop is rarely this perfect.

Out of My Hands
is also streaming on Spotify, for details about the song and much more about SHY Martin, head on over to her Facebook and Instagram feeds. SHY Martin is currently on a European headline tour, which includes a gig in Manchester on May 1st at Gullivers.

SHY Martin is also a part of Spotify CEO/Founder Daniel Ek and songwriter/producer Max Martin’s coveted Equalizer Project, a group aiming to combat gender inequality in the music industry.