Hailing from Galway in Ireland, Slyrydes (Mark Raftery – Guitar/Vocals, Eoin Reily – Bass, Mark Comer – Guitar/Vocals and Paul Clarke – Drums) formed as a side project in 2013, but it’s taken them until now to release music to a wider audience.  You’ll not have heard much like their debut single Mental Health before.

It’s not an easy listen that’s for sure, but the song has a snarling, chaotic beauty to it that’s hard to dislike. Vocals bark and bellow as if capturing the essence of screaming in to the void, the post-punk ambience leaning heavily toward the more heavy, punk end of things – think Cancer Bats meet The Birthday Party.

And it’s intense, wild and unpredictable like a Catherine Wheel out of control; sparks and passion flying everywhere. The emotion and energy that bursts through the wall of stark noise takes no prisoners. Mental Health won’t appeal to everyone, but it should.

The track is out now, you can get more details about the song and the impending debut album via the band’s social media accounts. Mental Health can be downloaded on Bandcamp and streamed on Spotify.