In the lead up to her sophomore album Sophia Electric, Dutch musician and singer song-writer Sofie Winterson has released another featured track tofollow up Remember, the quirky and catchy Military Man.

Taking inspiration from the classic era of post-punk and New Wave in terms of the occasionally dark arrangement, the song nevertheless has a bright and poppy tone, in large part down to her light yet soothing vocals, but also the clever lyrics and catchy melody.

It’s warm, memorable and a bit flirtatious in a coy but knowing way, bringing a much-needed sense of joy to pop.

Military Man is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and other digital servicesSophia Electric is released on 2nd November via Excelsior Recordings.

For more information on the upcoming release, be sure to check out her social media including Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out a rather excellent live version of the track here.

Photo by Laura Kampman