We’re big fans of San Francisco based Steph Wells (better known as SUMif) and her fresh, fun take on electropop. Her prodigious creativity sees her release music on an almost monthly basis at present, with the latest instalment on a busy release schedule being the sublime Body.

The track is a real musical double take; structure-wise it sounds like a prime slice of pop punk as its energy and pace make you want to jump around the room in idiotic joy.

That’s all filtered through a very electro energy though, so you get a real sense of immediacy and urgency with every note but also a real pop sensibility coursing through the song.

As ever, Wells’ vocals are a treasure, blending innocence with a more risqué edge as the lyrics hint at a tale of love and abandon.

Body is out now, you can find out more about streaming the track via her social media, and SUMif will be playing the main stage at San Francisco Pride on 23rd of June.