New Music: Taken by Trees – Once

  • New Music: Taken by Trees - Once

Victoria Bergsman first came to the attention of many as a founding member of Swedish indie-pop act The Concretes. Since leaving them in 2006 she has forged her own solo career under the name Taken by Trees, achieving massive success with 2009’s East of Eden and Other Worlds in 2012. But in the here and now she has released a new single called Once which you can hear below.

There’s a lovely, timeless feel to Once as it seems to travel through the ages and be at home in all eras simultaneously. 60s girl group, neo-dreampop, early shoegaze, ethereal psych-folk – the song could be all of these and none, as seems to inhabit its own unique space in the music continuum.

As for Victoria Bergsman’s voice, I don’t think it’s ever been better as it glides gracefully along, taking us to the heavens and beyond. Deceptively simple and addictive in its subversion of pop norms, every second of Once is a moment of joy.

Once is out now via ART:ERY Music Group and will feature on the upcoming Taken by Trees album which is due out April 13th – keep an eye on her Instagram and Facebook accounts  for more details.  

Photo by Louise Enhorning

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