Canadian Pat DiMeo is the brainchild behind synth-pop/retrowave outfit The Motion Epic. Check out his excellent, contemporary take on the 80s with his new song Bad Behavior.

Don’t let The Human League inspired cover photo for the single fool you, the track is no retro pastiche. It’s more a reimagining and reworking of 80s sounds, a time of montage scenes and first dances at the prom.

Think Madonna and Mr. Mister collaborating on a song for a John Hughes ‘coming of age’ film, not only do you encapsulate much of the 80s, you also capture the purity, drive and energy of the song.

DiMeo says he wants to bring that positive tone, enthusiasm and fun back of the 1980s back in to people’s lives – he views the era as being one of optimism, be in it music, fashion or politics. He’s certainly got the music part of it down to a tee with Bad Behavior.

Bad Behavior can also be streamed on Spotify, you can find out more about the inspiration behind the song and the musical project by checking out The Motion Epic’s official Facebook page.