Sextet t/ltshift is an alternative/math rock band from Singapore. Formed in 2018, the band says they seek to build interlocking soundscapes inspired by what they call “a range of sensations and sound worlds.” Intrigued? Then listen to White Noise and be enlightened.

With a more math approach to the rhythmic and sonic textures of acts like Stereolab and Foals, it exudes an emotional intensity you’d not expect in such a tight-sounding arrangement. The rich and fluid vocals are the prime source for the passion that lies at the heart of the song, but there’s an air of warmth and feeling in the guitars and percussion that gives the whole song a very human touch.

Discussing the ideas behind the lyrics, they disclose, “White Noise is about the unbearable noise of the world closing in, and anxiously wanting to escape other people, yet longing for someone who cares.”

You can also stream White Noise on Spotify. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook and Instagram, where you can catch up with news from t/ltshift about upcoming releases and more.