New Music: Tio – Dirt

  • New Music: Tio - Dirt

Tio is yet another artist from the thriving Toronto electronic music scene; musically a kindred spirit to TR/ST, but with a sound and vision that goes to more esoteric places – both lyrically and sonically.

With a sound that sits somewhere between coldwave and dark ambient, Dirt creates a sense of trippy dislocation as its lyrics unspool in waves of emotional absence. That sense of detachment is amplified by the accompanying video, seemingly a collage of infomercials and found clips from access TV leading both the track and visuals to engender a sense of heightened unreality.

Tio says Dirt and its video are inextricably inter-linked: ‘The lyrics for the song helped to inform some of the imagery and themes in the video. The lyrics were written via a stream of consciousness and were intended to emphasize the variability and unpredictability of the unconscious mind; the part of the mind that we tend to inhabit when we’re tuned out (or even tuned in)’.

If you like (the German artist)  Mono No Aware, this should be right up your street! Dirt is streaming now and you can hear more music by Tio on Spotify and Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

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