New Music: Twist Helix – Graphite

  • New Music: Twist Helix - Graphite

Newcastle trio Twist Helix say they draw a lot of the inspiration for their music from the sights, sounds and history on their home town. In a novel twist, their latest single Graphite reflects on the frustrations that can come from and artist’s inability to express that inspiration to their own satisfaction.

The song, which comes from their upcoming Ouseburn album, perfectly captures the swirling, tempestuous rage and mix of emotions that come from being momentarily unable to encapsulate that hard to define essence that an artist needs to move their vision from concept to reality.

Synths swell and vocals soar as feelings threaten to overwhelm the singer and the  listener, with calmer passages creating a more intimate, reflective sensation. Reminiscent of the stadium electro-rock made popular by the likes of New Order and Depeche Mode, it’s sure to see the band gain new fans on the first listen.

Speaking about the song that band says: ‘Graphite: is a song about frustration and articulates a fear that many artists have that their own work is derivative. The song imagines an artist failing to give an original interpretation of the city’s landscape.’

Graphite can also be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify and will feature on the upcoming Ouseburn album which is due for release on October 5th via Spanish label Paul Back Music. The trio are doing a number of live shows on the back of the album release –  you can find out more on the band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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