Leeds based quintet Venus say they aim to bring a burst of feminism and grrrl power to the punk and hard rock scenes with their blistering blend of heavy riffs, solid beats and uncompromising lyrics. Check out their latest track Deranged which is out now via not-for-profit record label and artist collective Monomyth Records.

Raw, raucous and unapologetically defiant in defending a woman’s role in the world, not just in rock or relationships, Deranged sees the band dust down some classic rock and punk sounds before it deconstructs them and makes them suitable for the 21st century.

Grace Kelly’s voice gives Brody Dalle and Ozzy Osbourne a run for their money, with ominous and piercing high notes switching to dark, edgy vibrancy within a breath or two. A bulldozer of an arrangement combines with a demonic melody that can leave you moshing your way to wokeness.

This feisty fivesome have some gigs line up in the coming months – you can catch up with them via Facebook and Twitter to find out more.

Photo by Aidan Wyldbore